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by michael nicholls

My camera DIED! This is a tragedy, because I use it ALL the time. But instead of moping around blaming global warming and wondering how the government is going to solve my life’s problems, I’ve come up with a totally unique idea – WORK for a new one! That’s right, I’ve put together a photo book of some of the pictures I’ve taken in Africa over the last few years, and now I’m selling it here to RAISE FUNDS to upgrade my camera so that I can keep taking photos to share with you all. 🙂

I’m selling the book for $39.99 plus shipping ($8.99 to USA and ($13.99 to Australia/UK etc), and this will help me raise funds to buy another camera. For an extra $2,000 I will personally FLY to wherever you are and sign it for you. 🙂

The book is 11in. x 8in., soft-cover*, full colour, and is full of pictures mostly from around the Lake Victoria area of Tanzania – sunsets, lake views, people and animals, etc.

This could be the perfect CHRISTMAS PRESENT for someone, or just the perfect COFFEE TABLE BOOK, or CONVERSATION STARTER!

USA addresses use this:

Non-USA addresses use this:

All proceeds go toward the purchase of a new camera – the more proceeds, the better the pictures will be that I post on Facebook!

If you’re not interested in the book but just want to help out, go to our support page or will paypal. Thanks!

*Contact me if you want a hard-cover book. It’s an extra $7.


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