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N4__20160303_112707 (Large).jpegToday I rode an office motorbike to another small town to meet with someone. The bike had a few sputters along the way, and died when I got there. Battery problem.

Anyway, I met with the guy, and near the end he asked me if I had any ‘travel allowance’ to pay for morning tea. I said I didn’t, but I’d be happy to pay for morning tea personally. So we went to look for something to eat, but the shops were closed or out of food. In the end he just said to me, “Well, it looks like it won’t happen. Could you just give me the money for morning tea and I’ll buy something for myself later?”

Being a seasoned expat in Tanzania, I knew it wasn’t worth making a deal out of this and I pulled 5,000 shillings ($2.50) out of my pocket and handed it over.

Basically, it would have been rude and shameful for me to point out that this was personal money and I didn’t want to give it to him – I’d already told him I had the money, so why would I refuse him a little morning tea?? It’s a different world… (more…)


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4 days in Zinza land

This week I traveled by motorbike to Zinza land with my friend Mitchell. The main purpose was for me to advertise a job position for a new Zinza translator, but as Mitchell works in Vernacular Media, we took the opportunity to sell the books of Luke and Genesis in Zinza, as well as Genesis on audio, and the JESUS Film on DVD.

We left on Monday morning and spent three nights away, getting home on Thursday afternoon. All up we traveled about 800kms.map (Large).jpg

We set out on nice roads.DSC00791-ed (Large) (more…)

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IMG_20160120_1517264_rewind (Medium)Yesterday Mitch and I (and our friend Alex) rode our motorbikes out through the Mara Region countryside and visited a few small villages along the way. We’re looking for a new Kabwa translator, and I thought the best way would be to spread the news through word-of-mouth.

We took a circuitous route, about 125kms, and stopped in villages along the way that you couldn’t find listed on Google Earth. (more…)

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I saw this bird in our yard today. I think it’s a juvenile East African Yellow Billed Kite (a type of Black Hawk I think, but my more bird-brained friends would probably know more). I’m guessing that its parents just kicked it out of the nest and the swooping is part of that, but I’m not sure. It was walking around our yard all day because it can’t fly yet. Is that normal, or is there something wrong with it? (more…)

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Broken arm

DSC_0265 (Large)We met this old man a few days ago. He said his arm had been broken when a motorcyclist hit him, then drove off. When I saw his arm it didn’t look good. His hand was really swollen, he couldn’t move his fingers much, and something was sticking out in an ugly way just below his wrist. He’d gone to the hospital and they said his arm was broken and they could re-set it for 100,000 shillings (about $60, or half a month’s pay). (more…)

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IMG_20140917_102056 (Large)

Much of the Simbiti area is on a peninsula accessible by ferry.

The Simbiti language team recently traveled to a Simbiti area to start checking their translation of the Jesus Film! Last year our team translated the Jesus Film into Kabwa and Zanaki, and on two beautiful starry nights we stood with hundreds of other people watching the first showing of the Jesus Film in those languages. Please pray for the Simbiti people – “how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? (Rom 10:14)” (more…)

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House (Medium)

When I was 6, our Sunday school group visited a farm, and we were driving around the farm with a bunch of us sitting on the back of a pick-up truck, towing a trailer full of people as well. At some stage I decided to climb from the bed of the pick-up to the trailer, but slipped and fell, landed on my back and was run over by the trailer full of people. Years later I had confirmed to me what I’d always suspected – that the 7 year old kid sitting next to me pushed me while I was climbing. Why? Not sure, but he had a pretty troubled childhood, so perhaps he’d never learned to love properly. I think we’d all agree it was a pretty lame thing to do. (more…)

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